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Chloe Ayling

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What are your views on the Chloe Ayling Story?

If you do not know the story of this then carry on reading as I give a brief story.

A 19 year old british model gets asked to go to a photoshoot in Italy. When she arrives, she finds out the photoshoot was fake and she is kidnapped by a gang who then drug her etc. Their aim is to sell hot young attractive girls on the black market. I believe they were trying to get around £100,000 for her. She tries to make one of her kidnappers fancy her so she can work around him to convince him in letting her escape.

Eventually the kidnappers find out she has got a 1 year old son back at home and release her because women who have children do not sell.

A lot of people are saying this is a publicty stunt for her to make some money of it. Although although one of the men were caught, even before he was convicted. She was publishing a book on her story. Later on he gets convicted and sent down for 15 years.

I do think she is very pretty girl and it would be an absolutely disgusting thing to do if it were just a publicity stunt, and someone has gone down for it.
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