Staff Positions Available

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Staff Positions Available

Post by Admin » 14 Jul 2018 02:52 has a number of positions available for Global Moderator/s to assist with the running of the forum.

- You will have keen interests in the topics and contribute to the forum.
- You will have previous experiences of being a Moderator or Admin on other forums / message boards.
- Be over the age of 16.
- Be able to assist with the running of the forum whenever you can.
- Keep the forum content within the rules and delete/edit any posts that do not abide by the rules.
- Help to promote the forum and encourage more users to join.
- other moderating duties/tasks.

These roles are voluntary, and you will NOT be paid any sums of cash for these roles. However, you will be part of a growing and (hopefully) popular community, which you can say you have helped to be apart of.

If you are interested, then please click: app.php/applicationform
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